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If you are an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner who is new to digital marketing or simply have not been able to figure out how to generate business that originates from people searching online, this is exactly where you need to begin. 

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Fundamentals That Will Dictate Whether You Succeed Or Waste Time & Money Like Most People

First and foremost let me applaud you for deciding to learn the fundamentals.  Please make sure to read through till the end because most people fail online because they don't understand the most important principles and end up getting sold random products and services from companies that are great at selling and not so good at generating the results you need.  Once you learn what is on this page it will protect you from getting bamboozled. 

Let's Get Started

It is incredible how many people are still conducting business as if we were living in the nineteenth century.  Even in the '90s, businesses started to understand the importance of having an online presence.  To shortcut your understanding to success let me explain a few very important fundamental keys. The internet hasn't changed the traditional offline marketing principles, it just magnified and accelerated it.

The 3 Factors That Create Sales

Factor #1: Know Your Audience & Be Known By Your Audience

There are 2 parts to Factor #1.  The most important of the two is knowing who your ideal target audience is.  There is a saying in marketing that goes something like this, "If your business is for everyone, then it's for no one."

What does that mean?  People today are in love with the power of making the final decision, but they also just want the decision to be super easy and obvious.  The easiest way to win over a prospect is to know exactly what their pain points are and what outcomes and/or benefits they are looking for.

It's impossible to address this if your business and marketing message is trying to cover anyone and everyone.  People today want to feel special and in order to do this, you need to be able to communicate with them at a deeper level.  The better you know your target audience the sharper your marketing message and strategy will be.  

Any business that wants a successful marketing campaign needs to start by identifying their ideal target audience.  This will help you laser target your messaging which will also help you with the final factor, that closes the deal.

Now, to understand the second part of Factor #1, KNOW, let's study the following:

The reason McDonald's has sold over 100 billion hamburgers is not that they have the best tasting hamburgers, but because of the number of distribution centers that they have.  

What does that mean?  The more exposure and access people have, the more business they can and will generate.  Now, if your business requires face to face meetings and you don't have multiple offices this may not completely translate compared to someone who sells products online and can reach the whole world, however, what you need to understand is that exposure to large masses definitely helps with branding and recognition, creating market awareness.  

Look at how many franchises are in the marketplace today.  One of their main benefits besides having a consistent system is the corporate marketing team that handles the big picture marketing strategy for all branding and revenue generating campaigns.  

The point I'm trying to make here is that the number 1 factor to generating new business is that people have to know you exist, otherwise it's simply the opposite...  You don't exist and you can't ever get them to spend money with you.

This is why during the late 19th century we experienced a surge of network marketing companies, also known as multi-level marketing or even pyramid marketing companies.  This business model was about increasing distribution centers through their members and increasing exposure through their network.

If your business can't create awareness of your existence then your target audience will never be your customer or client.  Do you know the famous phrase location, location, location???  Business success used to rely heavily on having the most desirable location because its what generated exposure and traffic for your business, but in today's world it's not nearly as important.

People today are smarter with their decision making, well informed, and resourceful.  They almost always search the internet before randomly searching for a local business.  So the number 1, most important, factor is being found online by those searching for your products or services.  What good is a website or any digital asset, if it can't be found?  People spend thousands of dollars hiring a website designer to create the most beautiful looking website that can only be found by those who already know their business.  What a waste! Don't let that be you.

To find success online you need to know exactly who your ideal target audience is and they need to know that you exist.  If you don't know exactly who you're targeting your marketing efforts will be off and your ideal clients won't be able to find you, meaning that they won't know you exist.  If you don't do this properly its as if you're starting underwater.  Everything will be much harder and your efforts will most certainly lead to disappointment.

Factor # 2 - Your Target Audience Needs To Like You

We live in an era of high competition and with very emotional customers/clients and because of this, having the right product or service just isn't enough.  Due to the abundance of options that most shoppers have, they rather support people and businesses they like.  

What makes your target audience like you more than your competitor?  Remember what I said above.  People are very emotional with their decision making, so it's all about how you make them feel.  Not only are people today very emotional, but they are also very superficial and sensitive. 

Continuing on the example of the website.  This is now when it matters whether you have an old outdated looking website or a new aesthetically pleasing website that makes a great first impression.  Not only is it important to please your visitors with a beautiful appearance, but it's even more important on how you make them feel during the presentation of your goods and services.  

Your website needs to look elegant while presenting products or services of quality.  You need great copywriting that addresses the prospect's exact needs while delivering value that outweighs the cost.  This can be done by offering discounts, giving bonuses, or by addressing their true pain and desire. 

If you are able to communicate precisely then you can make your target prospect feel that the product or service you are offering is exactly what they need to rid themselves of the pain they are experiencing.  If you do this properly then they will most likely want to do business because the cost of not buying will keep them away from their goal while remaining in pain. You can only do this correctly if you know exactly who your prospective customer is.  

​​​​​​​People don't like being pressured and sold or something that feels very generic.  In today's world of abundance, people are more focused on receiving attention, value, and being served by knowledgeable specialists.  

Funny thing is that everyone knows that a specialist normally profits more than a generalist, but most business owners continue to conduct their business as a generalist.  They have a harder time getting business and they make less, but they get stuck because they try and cater to anyone and everyone.  It's crazy, but if you go and ask any random business owner who their target audience is, they almost always answer "Anyone or Everyone."

That leads us to the 3rd and final factor that decides whether someone does business with you or not.

Factor #3 - They Need To Trust You & Your Product/Service

Now you KNOW who your target audience is, you got them to find you and get to KNOW you,  you also got them to LIKE you, but now you need them to TRUST you.

How do you do this?

You can accomplish this in several ways... Through authority, positioning, goodwill value, reputation, and risk reversals.  The more of these that you have the more likely you will gain their trust and drive more business.

The easiest of all is risk reversal.  What does that mean?  When people make purchases whether it's for a product or a service they are ultimately searching for the outcome or the benefits that result from that transaction.  Because the client/customer is having to pay before ever experiencing the outcome or benefits they are making an investment, so a risk reversal is simply what our world calls a "Guarantee" or "Refund" policy.  If your business has a solid Guarantee or Refund Policy it allows shoppers to put down their guard and to give you a shot.  You can be a brand new business and get business by having a good risk reversal in place.

Once you generate some business you start to build a reputation.  In the online world, we called them "reviews."  Everyone has been burned by bad products and poor service at some point and as a result, people often check up on a business's reputation or reviews before making a purchase.  Especially if it's worth a lot of money, a big commitment, or something very sensitive.  That's why it can be very important to have a reputation system in place.

We then have, goodwill value.  This typically takes time and comes from the amount of value your business provides its target customer/client way before it asks for a sale.  This can be done through giveaways, free consultations, through donations, but in the digital world, it usually comes in the form of providing great educational content.  When most businesses only care about selling and turning a quick profit, if your business offers and provides value first, it builds trust through goodwill.  

What is positioning?  It can mean placements, awards, but most importantly your level of expertise in the topic or industry.  For example, people like to trust others that are in similar organizations or associations.  People like winners, so naturally, they trust people who've been recognized and have awards.  But the most important, in my professional opinion is the trust that comes with your expertise in the topic at hand. 

If someone has a plumbing problem, they will almost always trust a plumber over a handyman.  It's the reason people are willing to pay more for a specialist rather than a generalist.  If you had a heart condition would you trust a general physician or would you rather go to a cardiologist?  If you need an accountant for your corporate business, would you go to any regular accountant or would you trust a CPA who specializes in corporate accounting?  

The secret to not getting stuck as a generalist and becoming a specialist is by figuring out exactly who your perfect client is and focusing your business almost exclusively on them.  Remember, as they say in marketing "if your business is for everyone, its really for no one."

Eventually, through time and success, you become an authority in your industry and will almost generate automatic trust.  People want to deal with the best and if everyone else looks up to you and references you then naturally people will wa.nt to deal with you

In Conclusion

Remember that there are 3 mental steps that your customers or clients need to overcome.  First, they need to KNOW you, then they need to LIKE you, and finally, they must TRUST you.

Now that you have learned these 3 essential factors, you are equipped with the knowledge REQUIRED to assemble the right team or products/services to create a successful marketing strategy.  I hope and expect that this will serve you well and would like to invite you to a free marketing strategy session to see if the My Ninja Marketer team can be of service towards the growth and success of your business.


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